What are NCR Sets?

NCR (No Carbon Required) refers to paper which has been treated with a coating. When glued together in sets of 2 or more sheets, the paper reacts to the pressure, of a pen for instance. Whatever is written on the first sheet (or top part) of the NCR set is copied onto subsequent parts of the form (there is no need for messy carbon paper). Once the sheets have been printed they are collated, then glued together with a solution that holds the parts together (but allows you to tear off each part individually when needed. Loose NCR sets are normally glued on the short edge, but can be glued at the long edge if required. Loose NCR sets are the cheapest way to buy your NCR printing, as we do not need to pad or book them (which saves us time).

  • NCR sets are available as Duplicate NCR sets (two part NCR), Triplicate NCR sets (three part NCR) and Quadruplicate NCR sets (four part NCR)
  • Loose NCR sets are available as standard in four different sizes: 1/3 of A4, A6, A5 and A4. Other sizes are available on request.
  • We provide extra services such as consecutive numbering. We can also hole punch your loose NCR sets (with either 2 or 4 holes) so they will fit in a standard ring binder. Because the order is made for you, we can customise it to your needs.
  • Every NCR order we produce is manufactured to your exact requirements, from scratch. This is a completely bespoke service and each job is unique.
  • After your first order, we keep all the information on file, so when you come to re-order it is easy – just give us a quick call, or drop us an email.

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